From October 14th, 2019, the analysis and opening of companies will be carried out by the State Integrator – REDESIM, in the platform. The platform will integrate the systems of the City Halls, Brazilian Federal Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Board of Trade and all the government agencies.




This change is due to the Provisional Measure No. 881 (MP No. 881), converted into the Ordinary Law No. 13.874, September 20th, 2019 and the normative Instruction of National Department of Business Registration and Integration (“DREI”) No. 66, from August 6th, 2019, of the, whose objectives are to simplify and reduce bureaucracy and expand the free initiative in the country.




The initiative it’s a partnership made by the Federal Government that aims to reduce deadlines, reduce costs and bureaucracy, enabling the companies to be open within 24 (twenty-four) hours.




The purpose of the change is to make life easier for entrepreneurs, when there is a opening of a branch in another state, itwill
only be required the fulfilment of the requirements on the Board Trade of the company’s head office.


Previously, arrangements were required in the Board Trade os the branch as well.




From now on, the Board Trade of the head Office branch will only be responsible for receiving the data and storing it, with no obligation of any execution.








Below are the steps of the new procedures:


1st Step: Consult the feasibility in the City Hall (s) for opening of head Offices and/or branch and changes of any nature;



2nd Step: National Collector – Federal Revenue System which enables the completion of the Document of Basic Entrance (“DBE”), necessary for any change related to the National Legal Entity register (“CNPJ”);



3rd Step: Prior to the actual registration, governmental entities may require through the system, the additional collection of necessary data and information to obtain the registration. At this stage, the signature can be done online via digital certificate and no physical attendance will be required. After
the analysis, the registration will be made by the competent body.



4th Stage: In this stage, the verification will be performed by the Integrator State and then will be issued the Business License for the company to start activities. For activities which are considered as low risk (performed in an area under a fully exercise of law, pursuant to article 7 of Complementary Law No. 123, 2006, explored in a harmless or virtual, practiced at the residence of the entrepreneur or when the activity performed is typically digital), no attendance will be required.










The federal government’s initiative increasingly reinforces, through the rules, the reduction of bureaucracy, reducing deadlines, integrating information flow and reducing costs (lower costs for users with travel and fees).




Please be advised that all registration requests that do not fulfil the new template, will be cancelled from October 14th, 2019. In this sense, we emphasize the urgency of filing the documents in the previous manner, in order to avoid the cancellation of the request for systemic incompatibility.



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