Consult your filing certificate

Consult your filing certificate

Find below your filing certificate number to verify the status of your report.

If there are no results, remember that the Compliance committee replies within up to 15 days.

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PLBrasil Group supports and encourages collaborators, clients and correspondents to inform any indication of transgression of and infringement to ethical principles, laws and regulations, policies, corruption and improper or illegal conducts. For so, PLBrasil Group makes the report channel available through the website or e-mails, guaranteeing confidentiality about the report and about the parties involved.

The Internal Investigation Committee will investigate the cases with impartiality, examining the evidences and guaranteeing the informant’s anonymity. Once the report accuracy has been determined, the report will be sent to the PLBrasil GroupLaw Office, to validate the case according to the applicable laws. Final decisions will be rendered by the company’s partners.

PLBrasil Group promotes and guarantees protected environment against any form of retaliation to informants, aimed at creating a safe, independent and impartial environment to those that report any misconducts, infringement to rules and laws or any illegal act provided in the anti-corruption policies and ethical conducts of the company.

Reports need accurate facts, in particular, if they are, in any way, related to moral harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination or any act of physical or psychological violence or abuse. For so, PLBrasil Group will need the following information: the abuser’s name, event occurred, dates, places of occurrence, names of possible witnesses. Lack of information will jeopardize the investigation and the examination of the facts and its results.

To ensure impartiality and secrecy in the investigation process, the names or functions of the members of the Committee, which may have different hierarchical levels within the company, may not be disclosed. One member of the Committee will be responsible for receiving the report through the channels made available by PLBrasil Group and passing them on to the other members of the Committee for subsequent investigation of the facts.